So many times we get into a meeting, or we are called into a meeting and our emotions are so high, that we are interrupting every time an individual says something to get our point across. 

But constant interruptions are showing that we are not actively listening to the speaker. I know at times I do this, and I have to remind myself to take a breath. 

Taking a breath reminds me to actively listen and write down key points that are being conveyed, so I can ask my 5W’s, H and E questions so I can find out the true reason behind an individuals position or opinion.

But what are the 5w’s, H and E? And how are we supposed to use them effectively? 

The 5W’s are: who, what, why, when and where. The H stands for how and E stands for explaining. In order to use these effectively as parents and teachers, we need to use facts and information to support requests and get clarification. 

This is especially true when we are in IEP meetings and we need to obtain clarification when a new process is about to happen, or a new goal is about to be implemented. 

In order to overcome obstacles, we need to use these questions to raise issues where a conversation is moved from abstract to specific details. 

Are you ready to use: 


When you are having conversations with others about your child or student, to make sure that they are being prepared for employment, post-secondary education and independent living.

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