My social media has been jumping over the last couple of days, from teachers needing support to companies competing with each other, about how their products are the best thing for this school year when we are starting a new normal. 

 Teacher’s please do not freak out, please do not think that the new thing is going to replace exemplary teaching where we are meeting student’s individualized needs. 

 I am about to begin my third week asynchronous teaching. Some of my students are with me all day, while others are attending their classes live from their homes. 

 Our students are resilient, they will make it through. Many of them are excited just to be able to see their friends and get back to the routine of being in school. 

 Although there is excitement for the students to be back in school, there is also anxiety and fear, that is why having a solid communication plan with parents is key. I am utilizing a communication app on my phone this school year, that will allow the parent to send me direct messages directly to my phone. This has been a lifesaver, especially when parents want updates throughout the day or want to see how their child is progressing throughout the day. 

As you embark on your first days of school, please remember to:

  • Be patient with yourself and your students. This is a learning curve for everyone. If you are feeling agitated take a step back and take a breath. You will make it through. 
  • Focus on the positive.Yes you may be teaching virtually at the same time you are teaching in your classroom, but you are healthy. The students are healthy and everyone in your classroom wants to learn. 
  • Teach routines. I cannot remember how many times I read our social stories, washing our hands and wearing a mask. This is something we read and continue to read before every transition. It has gotten to the point that the students are asking to hear the story and saying wear a mask to be healthy. Wash your hands to keep germs away. 
  • Communicate with your stakeholdersMake sure that your communication plan is conducive to all parents and everyone feels that they have a voice. 
  • Keep it simple. Do not start the beginning of the year, thinking that the students are the same as when they left in March. They are not. You need to build a relationship with them and build upon their academic and social skills. 

If you are looking for a way to amp up your communication with all stakeholders, download the 5 Effective Rules for Parent Communication Checklist.

Are you struggling to balance it all and support your students then you need to sign up for a Free 30 Minute Consult, so we can make a plan together to quash the overwhelm and move to a classroom that has established routines and procedures that promote student success. 

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