Teachers and parents, it is that time of the year when tensions and frustrations are high. Do not let this time of the year overwhelm you, especially when it comes to your child’s IEP. I can help. 

Christmas break is only a couple of weeks away, but our to-do lists are getting longer as well as the days. During this time, I am always reminded that we cannot do it alone. It takes a united team to get things done.

If you are reading this blog post, somehow you have found yourself needing some extra help. Maybe you are a special needs parent. Maybe you are a teacher.

Let’s get real this time can be one of the most frustrating times, but no matter if you are a parent or teacher you are not alone.

You have two options, so you do not feel the tension that this IEP season can bring.

1) You are a special needs parent and you need someone who can understand your child and family. Start here. and I will walk you through what you need to do before, during, and after your next IEP meeting.

2) You want help with your own IEPS. START HERE. I will coach you, and I will teach you exactly what I have been doing for over 13 years by building parent partnerships and getting student results.

Parents-Schedule your IEP Help Here.

You must save your spot before January 1st, but you can schedule your IEP Help anytime before May 31st!

TeachersGet help here if you are ready to build partnerships and get results.

It is time to stop doing it all on your own. I can’t wait to work with you.


P.S. I am only one person and I have limited time on my calendar. Once the parent and teacher consult times are filled that’s it. Grab your consult now and figure out how to use it later. The deadline to reserve time is January 1st, but remember you can use your consult anytime between now and May 31st!

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