Collaborating with teachers across the country is EXCITING! As your IEP Coach, you will not just get strategies to use in your classroom you will build a partnership to prepare students for the future. 

Knowing that there are other individuals that I can connect with, when I have a question or just want to shoot the breeze about how to further support the students in my classroom to obtain their goals is Awesome!!

One of the first questions I get when someone is considering hiring me to be their EP coach and helping them improve their practice as a special education teacher is can I participate in virtual coaching and still give my all to my students. Yes, you can. With virtual coaching, you have to be determined and specific because there is not much time for chit chat. That is why each session we focus on SMART Goals.

My days and nights might be busy with balancing teaching, consulting, self-care, and family obligations but I do it with making sure that I am starting my day with intention and writing things down.

Here’s a little of how I balance it all. 

First, I start my day with coffee, I need to wake up the senses with a warm mug in my hand. I check my calendar, to make sure no one scheduled a meeting with me while I was sleeping and if they did. I write it down in my planner, to make sure I do not overbook myself.

Then I spend some quality time reflecting on the previous day and journaling, sometimes dancing to music while getting ready to leave for my teaching position. I make sure that I pack a healthy lunch and snacks to sustain me throughout the day because my days are never consistent. I know that I need to make sure that I keep my energy up. Then I leave for work.

After Work

I check my calendar again, and my emails before going to the gym. I check my calendar and emails right after dismissal. If I have a consult meeting after work. I work out later in the evening.

In the evening I have a dedicated time, where I review IEPS that parents and teachers have sent me along with their top 3 concerns. I also meet with the teachers that I am coaching and check-in with the teachers in my support group.

I’m reading and taking notes on how the IEP can better address their concerns and make sure that their child/student is being prepared for future employment, independent living, and postsecondary education.

I am answering Emails from new coaching inquiries and following up with current clients. I am writing IEP advocacy letters to help my clients.

I am researching best practices, so I am making sure that I am up on my skills and I am preparing for IEP coffee talks, curriculum training, and mentoring new teachers. I am also generating blog ideas and scheduling my social media content.

I know that this may seem like a lot on top of your daily responsibilities as an educator, but I enjoy supporting others with understanding all stakeholder’s perspectives when it comes to IEPS.

As teachers, and educators we see one side of the picture, and at times we forget to look at the whole picture. Walking into an IEP meeting, sitting across from your child’s teachers not knowing what the outcome will be is scary.

I  consult with parents and teachers, to assist them in making sure that their child/student voice is being heard and their child/student is prepared for future employment, further education, and independent living.

If you are ready to improve on your practice and the lives of the students and families that you interact with on a daily basis, then you need to sign up for IEP Coaching. I know that we have Instructional coaches in our building’s but at times they also struggle with understanding what it means to be an exceptional needs teacher.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and helping you become stronger in your practice.

Message me with any questions you might have. I have limited spots for my 1:1 coaching spots. 

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