Christmas break is about to begin and classroom parties are the norm. I want to make sure all children are being included in school celebrations in such a way that makes sense for them. Inclusion is never a one size fits all, because all children have different needs.

Parents and teachers let’s work together and have a plan for every child. It is more just surviving the season but making sure that all children are participating in a meaningful way.

If Inclusion has been a challenge this school year, and not everyone on your team is on the same path

You can . . .

  • Look at how your school defines what inclusion is
  • Ask yourself are the skills my child is learning helping them to become more independent

If your child is just sitting in the room, not participating with other peers that is not inclusion. Inclusion takes a lot of planning and preparation and working with a team. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it has to be individualized and fit the needs of a child.

Is there an inclusion plan in your child’s IEP? Are you ready to make sure?

Reserve your VIP IEP Help, right now for the third quarter, and schedule your appointment with me anytime before March 31st.


You must save your spot before January 1st, but you can schedule your IEP Help anytime before March 31st!

Your IEP Consult can be used for…

  • Double checking that your child’s IEP is a good IEP with goals, supports, placement and all the details you’re worried about.
  • Prepping for your next IEP meeting. I’ll even help you write your Parent Input statement. You need this, it can change the whole direction of the IEP!
  • Troubleshooting tough situations you are going through and decisions you need to make. Let me use my 13+ years in Special Education to help you make the best choices possible for your child.


Read Closely: Nicolette is not a lawyer and does not give legal advice. All education and advocacy decisions are your own. Nicolette doesn’t use fear tactics or forceful strategies that burns bridges. You need your IEP team to understand you and your child. Our work together will be focused on YOUR CHILD and how you can get things moving in the right direction for both short term and long term IEP results.

I seriously can’t wait to work with you!

DEADLINE January 1st  Get your spot on my calendar here

With Hope & Determination Always,

Nicolette Lesniak, Ed.S

P.S. I’m only one person and I have limited time on my calendar. Once the consults times are filled… that’s it. I can’t magically make more time. (I wish I could so I could help everyone!) I highly suggest that you grab your consult now and figure out when to use it later. DEADLINE to reserve time is January 1st, but remember, you can use your consult anytime between now and May 31st!

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