IEP Review and Recommendations


Maybe you’re prepping for an IEP meeting or you just have a gut feeling that you might be missing something in your child’s IEP. When you send me your child’s IEP and we review it together, you’re going to feel a sigh of relief that you are no longer alone and your voice is being heard. It’s time to change your child’s special education experience!

Schedule an IEP review; I’ll personally look over your child’s IEP, identify areas of improvement, double-check how things are documented and give you recommendations for your child. 



Schedule an IEP review and get a report back of the findings within two weeks, faster service may be provided but additional fees will apply.

Nicolette will personally review your documents and give you recommendations. Book your IEP review today and take the guesswork out of advocating for your child. All documents must be sent after booking your appointment for the IEP review to begin.

*Please note Nicolette Lesniak is not an attorney and does not give legal advice.



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