Parent Input Statement


Individual support writing your input statement and advocacy letter, so your child can receive what they need to be successful. You can go into your child’s educational meeting knowing your thoughts and ideas are clear, concise and put into a statement that can be added to the IEP, and that’s peace of mind.



As a special education teacher, and manager  I know first hand that this section is often glanced over. Yes, it’s filled out. Yes, parent concerns are summarized. However, it’s definitely not given the time and attention it needs considering what a critical change it can make in the IEP process.

Being a member of an IEP team, I often see parents struggle with conveying what they want for their child and having their voice heard.

It’s time to take the BOLD IEP APPROACH and make your voice a significant driver in the IEP process.

Each and every Parent Input statement should include the parent’s concerns and desired outcomes for…

  • Communication
  • Academics
  • Peer Relations
  • Behavior/Sensory Regulation
  • Placement/school day experiences

I will assist and teach you how to write an effective parent input letter here.


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