What I Do

I provide instructional support and coaching to teachers who support students with complex needs and work to implement specifically designed instruction. Support includes utilizing best practices in data analysis to supporting equitable student access for all learners.

My Philosophy

Being an educator and a coach is not just standing in front of a room and lecturing. It is about actively planning for instruction for all learners in the classroom. 

As an educator, there should be a balance between structure and non-structure. The curriculum should be infused with everyday skills, so students can develop life skills so they can be active members of society. 

My Methods

I consult with you concerning your top 3 concerns either by email or phone

I meet with you virtually for a free 20-minute chat about the next steps going forward.

I help you develop your voice and input statement.

I help you develop an action plan. 



Tired of feeling stuck? Can't shake the feeling of am I doing enough to support my students and/or child?

Learn how to support your student in a virtual setting and improve the lines of communication with your team to build stronger learning plans for both the brick and mortar and virtual learning environments.

You do not have to do this alone! Your Next step is one click away. Let's get started.

Input Statement

Do you struggle with putting your words on paper and making sure that is clear and concise when communicating the needs of your child or student? 

 I will help you develop a vision and make sure that value is in your input statement so that your child can prepare for employment, further education and independent living. 

You do not have to do this alone!  Your voice is needed at the table. It is valuable. Let's get started.

IEP Coaching

Special education is overwhelming. Your child's and students' unique needs can be met by the school system.

Let me show you how! Some of the services I offer are:

  • IEP Review
  • IEP Coaching
  • IEP Consulting

You do not have to worry throughout the night before a meeting. Let's turn your anxiety into easiness. 

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