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Manage challenging behaviors in just 6 weeks

Embracing Your Journey VIP Access provides professional development on classroom management, specifically to challenging behaviors. It’s a six week program full of research based practical strategies for teachers by a teacher. This program will help you change your classroom to a calm productive one. 

Use proven step-by-step systems to make small changes each week

The course is released in 6 easy steps, allowing you to stay focused on one step of streamlining each week. Skim over the pdf or listen to the audio version instead and choose strategies that are relevant for your classroom. Too busy one week? Don’t worry you can pick back up again anytime, even after the 6 week program is over. 

Week 1

Create a Sustainable Communication Plan

Effective communication is about listening and taking action. Choose a method that is going to work for you, your classroom and stakeholders.

Week 2

Establish and Develop a Supportive and Effective Learning Environment

Learn practical ways to create a physical space that takes into consideration both the behaviour and academic needs of your students.

Week 3

Set  Up Schedules for a Self-Running Classroom

Learn how to tweak your existing procedures to give students more ownership, and make daily routines efficient and effective.

Week 4

Create Effective Behaviour Plans

To help a student who challenges us, they might need a formal plan that describes a multi-tiered framework that addresses the behavior. The plan must prevent-teach and reinforce

Week 5

Simplify Your Lesson Planning Process

Stop spending hours reinventing the wheel. You will learn practical ways to engage all learners and create hands-on experiences.

Week 6

Streamline The Process

Discover more classroom management strategies that will save you time and provide better insight into student learning and behaviour.

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