I can’t believe that tomorrow is going to be the last week of April. This month has been a crazy one for me, and it probably has for you as well. 

When you are so used to being out and about, and then all of a sudden you have to be limited on where you go and you cannot go to the places that you used to go can be stressful.

The one thing that I am happy about is during this time, I was able to help and support teachers and parents figure out online learning. I know that online presents many challenges, beyond a brick and mortar classroom because students have to be more independent and responsible for their own learning, but have you partnered with the parents to come up with a game plan that fits the needs of their child? 

Ideas for Best Practices

Start each day by reaching out to your student’s parents.  One way to do this is to send an email that provides a video welcoming them to a new day of e-learning and the tasks for the day. This gives them the information that they need on how to get started, and how much time for each activity. 

 I do this with my parents, and they have said that they love to see all the information in one place and the direct links to their child’s assignments. 

Parents love to have the tools that they will need to help their child access with their curriculum. They also like to learn new things, so I also provide videos of myself teaching math and English classes and pausing so the child can engage with the video and giving them praise on what a good job they have done solving the problem. 

What also has been very beneficial, is scheduling a telephone conference to discuss any questions they have from IEP goals to how to gather baseline data. The key thing for parents to do is write down what is going on when they are assisting their child with their work.

Schedules are Key

Many of my students have set schedules, and transitioning to do work from school to home has been difficult for them. They do not know why they have to do work at home when the home is supposed to be a relaxed chill place. 

That is why it is so beneficial to partner with the parents and make sure that there is a schedule set up that is going to work with their situation. The use of a schedule must be explicitly taught and implemented consistently for it to work, that is why it is crucial to develop a schedule that is going to fit the student’s needs and home situation. 

If a parent is still having difficulties, I ask them if they have set up their child’s schedule and then ask them three key questions, that get them to go beyond just saying everything is ok. 

Let’s Build Stronger Parent and Teacher Relationships

A strong and positive communication plan with parents improves academic success. By being proactive as teachers we can take some of the stress out of the online learning environment while making the experience both rewarding and successful for our families. 

Are you ready to build upon your communication plan with your parents, and build stronger lasting relationships? Then you need to download how to support families with learning virtually

Get on my calendar today, before Summer so you will be prepared for your back to school parent and teacher conferences. 

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