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About Me

I provide virtual support and coaching to teachers to build effective IEPs, Individual Education Plans,  with parent partnerships to prepare students for future employment, further education, and independent living.   

I love sharing my knowledge with others and making sure all children no matter their economic status is prepared to go after the goals, that they have set out for themselves. What puts a smile on my face every day is when I see students making the connection between school and life and self-advocating for themselves.

It is no more I do not know . . . .

It is I learn best by. . . .   

I need this to be successful, because . . . 

I am overjoyed when I can communicate the success with parents, and build upon the partnership we have built to assist their child to make connections with the real-world and have less conflict and more collaboration with others.


I’m Nicolette

I provide teachers with instructional virtual support and coaching so they can better support the needs of students and their families. I do this by helping them build effective IEPs, Individual Education Plans,  with parent partnerships to prepare students for future employment, further education, and independent living. 

With an initial  30 minute call, we can get a lot covered from talking about your goals and priorities. Booking takes no more than one minute. Book your spot today.

What I Do

IEP Coaching

One on One IEP coaching service that can be purchased per hour or in a package of 4 hours. The consultation services can be used all at once or over a school year. Coaching hours must be used within 12 months of purchase. The consultation services are designed to meet the needs of your family and situation.

IEP Review

Maybe you’re prepping for an IEP meeting or you just have a gut feeling that you might be missing something.  I will personally look over your child’s/student’s  IEP, identify areas of improvement, double-check how things are documented and give you recommendations and an action plan. 

IEP Input Statement

Individual support writing your input statement and advocacy letter, so your child can receive what they need to be successful. You can go into your child’s educational meeting knowing your thoughts and ideas are clear, concise and put into a statement that can be added to the IEP, and that’s peace of mind.


“The empathy Nicolette has for her students and how she validates their feelings is an example for all."

Tracy Miltz

“Nicolette does an amazing job sharing how to manage behaviors by establishing positive relationships with students and parents. Knowing that the students’ behavior is their way of communicating was very insightful do!”

Cynthia Jones

“Thank you for your wisdom! Relationships make such a huge difference – can’t wait to get back in the classroom!”

Valarie McCall

“When I wanted someone to assist me to return to work in special education, you tailored your IEP sessions with great support that I am able to finally focus on my career. I highly recommend your IEP training. You helped me update my skills to work in special ed and get my foot in the door.”

Olay Ayyad 


Do You Need An IEP Coach?
Do You Need An IEP Coach?

Collaborating with teachers across the country is EXCITING! As your IEP Coach, you will not just get strategies to use in your classroom you will build a partnership to prepare students for the future.  Knowing that there are other individuals that I can connect with,...

5 Tips for Effective Communication
5 Tips for Effective Communication

My social media has been jumping over the last couple of days, from teachers needing support to companies competing with each other, about how their products are the best thing for this school year when we are starting a new normal.   Teacher’s please do not freak...


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